K-2 World Languages


Teach new languages to improve mental flexibility and increase awareness of other cultures

Our multi-language K–2 resources allow learners to switch between 14 languages with a simple click

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Our revolutionary K–2 World Languages platform features clean, easy-to-read layouts and full-screen images designed for maximum readability and eye-catching appeal.

The full audio feature allows readers to listen to the text in the language of their choice as they flip through the book.

Easily switch between languages with a simple click and watch as each page is fully translated into another language.

Now Featuring Full Audio The World Languages interface is clear of clutter, works with all platforms, and is responsive to all screen sizes. The control center at the bottom of the screen ensures that a book’s pages are the main focus for early readers.

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Your K–2 World Languages Classroom Solutions come alive

An easy-to-use interface that is clear of clutter so students stay focused on learning

A responsive design that works with all devices and adapts to all screen sizes, including whiteboards, tablets, and computers

A toggle with large buttons that makes it simple to switch between languages

Full audio capabilities so students can listen to the text as they flip through the book

Our K–2 World Languages Classroom Solutions feature easy-to-read layouts and vivid full-screen images. When readers open a title, they immediately get access to 14 interactive eBooks, each in a different language.

120 titles x 14 languages = 1,680 interactive eBooks


Discover the power of learning a new language!

Want to see World Languages in action? Check out this interactive online title and see for yourself how easy it is to toggle between languages and engage with the content.

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