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Our 3–8 AV2 Nonfiction Library Solutions are designed to captivate student interests by providing a broader look at a range of exciting topic areas. Each title helps students move from practicing to mastering the foundations of learning as they prepare for the new adventures of middle school. Our resources help students dig deeper into science, social studies, language arts, sports, and high interest topics and apply their skills.

On top of that, our 3–8 AV2 Nonfiction Library Solutions provide reluctant readers with an exciting and well-supported reading experience. All titles fuse text with curated digital features, such as weblinks, videos, activities, slideshows, and quizzes, that encourage readers to explore key concepts in greater detail.

Resources By using the digital resources toolbar, readers can quickly find their desired features in each title.

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Wondering how a media enhanced book differs from a regular eBook? Use this link to explore a 3–8 AV2 Nonfiction title and see for yourself how it captivates learners with its media-rich features.

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