Library Solutions Overview

Media enhanced books and eBooks that engage, inspire, and motivate learners

Library Solution Overview

AV2—Inspired Learning For All Grades

AV2 stands for “audiovisual and print plus web.” This represents how our media enhanced books and interactive eBooks come packed with a host of supplementary digital resources. Our AV2 Library Solutions consist of eye-catching titles infused with audiovisual and multimedia components that supplement learning and appeal to the interests of young readers.

Inside the cover of each AV2 title is a unique code that provides access to a host of videos, activities, slideshows, and weblinks. These media features help keep learners engaged, fill knowledge gaps, and improve outcomes.

Our AV2 Library Solutions offer a multisensory experience that engages all learning styles. They cover a wide range of high-interest, fiction, language arts, math, science, social studies, and sports topics. Our collection continuously grows to meet the everchanging demands of student interests and educator needs.

As the first, and only, media enhanced books for the educational market, AV2 Library Solutions give readers the chance to dive even deeper into a topic than ever before. Our vibrant visuals, trustworthy content, and digital enhancements stimulate and inspire learners of all kinds.

  • Contents

    Browse a live contents page to easily navigate through resources

  • Audio

    Listen to sections of the book read aloud

  • Videos

    Watch informative video clips

  • Weblinks

    Gain additional information for research

  • Slideshows

    View images and captions

  • Try This!

    Complete activities and hands-on experiments

  • Key Words

    Study vocabulary, and complete a matching word activity

  • Quizzes

    Test your knowledge

  • Share

    Share titles within your Learning Management System (LMS) or Library Circulation System (LCS)

  • Citation

    Create bibliographical references following APA, CMOS, and MLA styles

  • Title Info

    Find all pertinent information at a glance with an intuitive display listing all key data and digital resources included in a title

See how it works

Top five reasons you’ll love AV2 Library Solutions


AV2 Library Solutions address diverse, ever-changing student needs by allowing you to:


  • Discover thousands of fiction and nonfiction media enhanced titles
  • Use the unique code found in each book to unlock interactive digital features
  • Access the digital features through the easy-to-use interface


  • Strengthen students’ knowledge of key concepts and ideas with age-appropriate activities
  • Ensure maximum readability through easy-to-read book layouts and audio narration
  • Captivate learner interests with eye-catching images and educational videos connected to the text
  • Connect to child-safe educational sites through embedded weblinks
  • Appeal to many learning styles, such as visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning preferences


  • Complete assessments and activities online or print them for use as handouts
  • Send assignments and assessments to students using your learning management systems
  • Present content to your class
  • Share results with students, parents, and teachers

AV2 Library solutions work with your existing technologies

These are just a few examples of systems we currently integrate with:


Check out our AV2 Library Solutions, curated by grade level.

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