What We Do

What We Do

Lightbox Learning was established to provide online resources that meet the needs of educators and students in an ever-changing world. We are an independent educational publisher that creates curriculum-based resources geared toward elementary, middle, and high school classrooms and libraries.

Over the past 30 years, we have continuously looked for nontraditional ways to make mandatory curriculum content relevant and exciting for all students while getting better results. By making our products available in both print and digital formats, we give educators maximum flexibility to deliver content in the format that works best for their students.

  • Through our media enhanced books and interactive learning materials:

    We empower teachers with the resources they need to create custom lesson plans that intrigue and excite students at every reading level.

  • Through our interactive nonfiction reference titles:

    We ignite your students’ sense of curiosity by encouraging them to shape their own questions and seek their own answers.

  • Through our technology integrations:

    We provide digital books with audio narration, videos, weblinks, quizzes, activities, maps, and infographics that integrate with your preferred LMS.

Blended Learning Solutions for All Grades and Subjects

Lightbox Learning offers everything you need to provide blended learning solutions with up-to-date digital books and online activities. Our team has produced thousands of physical books and digital resources that educators can use to create in-person and remote learning strategies quickly and affordably. Educators can select from a variety of print and digital solutions for the classroom and library that span all subject areas, including social studies, math, science, language arts, and sports.

  • Lightbox Online Curriculum Solution An engaging collection of interactive, online fiction and nonfiction titles and resources that captivate reader interest with a combination of text and curated digital features.

  • AV2 Titles A wide range of fiction and nonfiction print books and interactive titles that allow readers to dive even deeper into topics through weblinks, videos, activities, slideshows, and quizzes.

  • World Languages Digital Platform Easy-to-read media enhanced books designed for maximum readability in more than 12 different languages.

  • Eyediscover Media enhanced books featuring an innovative optic readalong designed to allow reluctant and beginning readers to listen and learn at their own pace.

Quality You Can Count On

At Lightbox Learning, our rigorous and proprietary editorial process involves more than 40 steps, from ideation to publication. All products pass through multiple quality checks and measure up to the highest quality standards before they become available to teachers and students.

All Lightbox Learning products are designed with special consideration to your needs. We make sure that all of our resources are aligned with national and state curriculum standards, use best practices for identifying reading levels, and bring maximum value to educators as part of their classroom, virtual, or blended learning solutions. We always welcome your feedback to make our products even more useful for teachers and students alike.

Check out our Lightbox Learning Classroom and Library Solutions, curated by grade level.